Home made treats made from family grown cacao!

Distinctly Pinoy Granola

At Wit’s Sweets & Savouries, we offer unique all natural indulgences that are made with gusto & packed with local flavour.

Headlining these treats are antioxidant-rich cacao nibs, from beans grown right on our family farm in Davao. It's the perfect brain, energy & mood booster!


A contemporary tropical lifestyle shop , which we co-own & operate.

Space 9-10, HUB:MakeLab

413 Escolta St, Binondo, Manila

11am - 8pm, Tues. - Sun. 

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From our family farm to your home Pantry


3 generations of cacao cultivation

This delicious journey started on our small family farm -  Gran Verde, in Calinan, Davao del Sur.

There, we've been cultivating this bean of the gods for three generations. Our humble farm now grows four varieties of cacao on two hectares, mingled with different local fruit trees.

Soon we'll be welcoming visitors there, to experience & learn right along with us, in the shade of our sloping grove.

Check out our farm!


Quality cacao, in a rawer form

Each bean is grown, fermented & roasted under the gentle care of Wit. She stopped supplying abroad because our carefully processed beans were just being mixed in with others of lesser quality.

These assorted beans would then go all the way around the world, only to end up back in the Philippines  as convenience store candy bars!

Because cacao has far more health benefits in its more raw form, we decided to come up with something less processed. 


Local flavour made with love

Using a recipe perfected over years with our extended family, we chose only the best ingredients to make our treats.

Our perfectly roasted cacao nibs are nestled along with bits of mango, ginger & durian, in nuggets of golden toasted grains. Crispy, crunchy & chewy bites reveal the granola’s full flavour only after a few seconds.

Like all other Pinoys, we believe everything tastes better when it's shared!

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