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Tasty ORIGINAL Sweetener Cacao Nib + Mango Granola

Tasty ORIGINAL Sweetener Cacao Nib + Mango Granola

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We promise, one bite of our ripe mango granola will make you feel reunited with an old friend.
Crispy crunchy chewy goodness! 
Nut-Free. Milk-Free. Try it on yogurt, baked goods or salads. Anywhere, it’s a flawless treat!

All the cacao in each of our granola flavours comes from our family farm, where Wit herself makes sure that each bean is grown, fermented & roasted to perfection. 

This recipe uses brown sugar, honey & a bit of glucose along with butter & coconut oil to bind the rolled oats, crisped rice & dried ripe mango with our cacao.

Available in 3 sizes, all in convenient resealable kraft pouches.